The Different Types of Bingo Games

It’s fair to say that generally, Bingo is a simple game to play that virtually everyone will have experienced at some point in their lives. Let’s be straight if you have experienced bingo in its simplest format, you just mark off the numbers that match what the caller shouts out.

Yes, the tiny variation there maybe if you have one line, two lines, or all of the numbers for a full house to win. There may be a variation in how you mark the numbers. You could be marking them off with a big special marker or flipping the numbers on a pre-made board. Either way, you are manually selecting each number as quickly as possible to get that elusive win.

However, things are even easier when playing bingo online. In fact, you virtually have to do nothing, when playing online. Everything is automated, you just sit back and watch. Now, the big plus with the automated gameplay online is that it helps a great deal if you progress to a more complicated version of the game.

I know what you are thinking, what different types of bingo, and how much more complicated are they. Well, put it this way, even many bingo halls will have minor variations of the basic game. But things do get a little more complicated as the number of balls changes or the winning patterns become more advanced. Don’t despair though, because we have a simple breakdown of the different types of Bingo games that you are most likely to experience.

30 – Ball Bingo – Speed Bingo

It’s fair to say that 30 Ball Bingo is a relative newcomer to the world of Bingo. But it is becoming very popular due to the intensity of the game. Seems like everything in today’s world needs to be quicker and faster. So with way fewer numbers to be called, 30 ball bingo is super quick – hence the name ‘Speed Bingo’. On the plus side though, a game of 30 ball bingo can be over in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. It may be quick and intense but it does increase your chances of getting a full house.

The first thing that you will notice is that your bingo card is tiny. That’s because there are just nine numbers on the ticket for this game. Put simply, once you get all nine numbers, you win. So because the games are going so fast, you are also increasing your chances of winning.

It’s worth saying, 30 Ball Bingo is only found online, this is because it is so fast and the online bingo site will mark your numbers automatically. Plus, with it being so new, not all online bingo providers will have this option. But do you know what, if they do, you should try it because it is great fun and doesn’t take all day to play either.

90 – Ball Bingo

Now, if you are a traditionalist and you are from the UK or Australia. Then, 90 Ball Bingo, is Bingo to you. That’s because this is the preferred game in the UK and Australia. Let’s say that if you play bingo down at your local bingo hall in the UK, then you will most likely be playing 90 Ball Bingo.

As with all Bingo games, you will be buying bingo cards or tickets and marking off the numbers as they are called. The first thing to note is that there are three chances to win. There’s a prize for one line, two lines and three lines (Full House). So there are lots of prize options available with this game. Plus because it is so popular, the jackpots can be huge too.

So, what’s on the card? Well, there are 27 squares in total on your 90 Ball Bingo card. These are laid out in 3 rows and 9 columns. The columns will display the numbers 1 to 90 from left to right. But each card will have 15 numbers on it randomly placed. So as there are more numbers this game does take longer.

75 – Ball Bingo

Now, this is the format that originated in the USA and is seen as their traditional form of Bingo Game. So if you were to be playing in a Bingo hall in the states, you will be playing 75 Ball Bingo. In fact, 75 Ball Bingo has been played in the states for a very long time, some would argue that it pre-dates the preferred version played in the UK.

It’s fair to say that 75 Ball Bingo could be viewed as being a little more complex than 90 Ball Bingo. Why is that? Well, while there is just one chance to win. There are many variants in the way that you can win it. Now, these can be lust simple up, across, or diagonal lines. But this is where it gets more complicated, there can be predetermined patterns that are set just before the game. Let’s just say, that there are heaps of different trendy patterns that have evolved over the years. Like the Turtle, the sputnik, the airplane, and even the Triple Bingo.

The most noticeable difference with the card is that there are 25 squares laid out in a perfect square. Generally, the center square is a star and all the other squares have random numbers allocated from 1-75. So, once the winning pattern is shown and the game gets going, it is the first person to get the pattern that wins.

A good tip is to play Bingo 75 online because the patterns actually add more fun. Plus when the computer is filling out your card for you, any worries you have on matching any complicated patterns are all covered for you. That’s not to say that you couldn’t do it yourself because some providers will let you switch to manual.

80 – Ball Bingo

Now as with 30 Ball Bingo, this type of Bingo Game was originally known as shutter board bingo. However it has been adapted specifically for the online market. It’s fair to say that it has been growing in popularity. The best way to describe 80 Ball Bingo is that it is similar to 75 Ball Bingo, in that there is a unique pattern for each game to win.

Here, your numbers are laid out in 4 rows and 4 columns, giving you 16 squares in total. Most of the time the balls will have a color assigned to it that corresponds to the card or board that you are laying on. Now, this helps a lot, because 80 Ball Bingo can be quite quick to play, especially when the patterns are a little more complex. It’s best to keep your wits about you, it’s easy to get caught out.

Ok, to conclude, Bingo is Bingo. Doesn’t matter if you are playing with your friends down at a big Bingo Hall, playing a shutter board in an Arcade, or playing online. The key to it is to have fun, check out our How to Play Guide. Keep an eye on your budget. But try out the different types of Bingo Games. Because they are all great fun in their own way. There are even themed Bingo Games online now, just check out Tombola Bingo because they have the lot.


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