How to play bingo online

Well, here at playbingo it may seem clear that we are all about playing bingo online. It seems like we take the internet for granted nowadays, but it was not that long ago that it was in its infancy. However, it was the dawn of gaming online that opened up a new space to play your favourite game. One thing is for sure, it was the leading bingo providers that made sure they were first.

Now if you love Bingo you would be well aware of the many Mecca bingo halls that are all over the UK. Thousands of bingo lovers have played in these halls for decades and playing bingo online is no different. The biggest benefit is that you can play anywhere you have an internet connection.

Yes, the internet has been around for a very long time now. But there are still those of you that are relatively new to playing bingo online. So this is just for you, we have pulled together a simple guide to how to play bingo online today.

Where is best to play bingo online

Well, there are plenty of places to play bingo online and this is your first choice. One thing is for sure, we only promote the most reputable bingo providers here. So a good place to start is the Where to play page list. However, you may already play at Mecca on the high street and really love the brand so that choice would be simple for you. But a good thing to look out for is what the welcome offer is for new customers.

What are welcome offers

If you have been playing bingo for years at the same place, you clearly like the experience that that company offers you. But remember playing online, you can play bingo in the comfort of your own home. So the playing environment does not apply so much.

Playing online can feel very similar regardless of which provider you choose. However, each company will want you to play on their platform. So they will offer new customers a generous bonus when you sign up an account with them.

The key thing is to remember that these are for new customers only, just an incentive for you to join. These bingo welcome offers can vary a lot and some may offer free spins on an online slot game too. So check out what they are offering and you could end up with £50 in your account to play with and get to try out some mega-money slots free too.

Why do I need to sign up

Anything online that involves money and an age limit have had to follow stringent security guidelines. So the sign up should be seen as the first stage of your personal security. If you are hoping to win when playing bingo then this money will need to be secure.

There is also a legal age requirement, for anyone wishing to play bingo online for prizes or money.  However, the sign-up process is very simple and does not take a long time at all. As long as you are above the age of 18 and your details can be verified the sign-up process will be a painless exercise.

How do I get my money from my account

Once you have chosen your platform to play on and you have signed up. You will then go through some simple steps to set up a personal account. This account will need your credit card details as part of the security process. As mentioned before this is a secure area and these steps are for your security. Also, these sites are as secure as you can find anywhere online so your details are safe. You could also add your debit card details or even a Paypal account. Just make sure you have the funds in the account that you choose before you make a deposit from that account.

To make things clear, you will be playing with real money, so your account will need secure access to where you can deposit money from. The good side to this is that when you win you can then withdraw the winnings into the account of your choice. So, let’s say you deposit £20 from your Debit Card then you win big whilst playing online bingo. The winnings will firstly go to your online bingo account. Then you can go directly to the “My Account” section and withdraw the money straight back to your bank account.

Playing Bingo Online

Now let’s assume that most things 0nline are new and intimidating to you. Don’t worry, playing bingo online is a breeze. Plus lots of bingo sites either allow you to practise the game in demo mode or have detailed instructions – sometimes with videos too.

So now you have your account set up and you have signed into your account. Just, head to the bingo tab and take a look at the games that are coming up. You will see what time they are going to start and have time to check out ticket prices, available prizes and number of people playing. You just choose the game you want to play, deposit or purchase the number of tickets you would like and you are off.

It really could not be easier, there are no messy daub pens needed. As the numbers are called, your numbers will be highlighted automatically. If you win you will see your name highlighted and the game will stop. Your winnings go into your account and you can choose to carry on in the next game or move onto different game – your choice.

What about making friends when playing bingo online

There is no doubt that due to the sheer volume of people in a traditional bingo hall there is a great community feel to it. Playing online bingo does not mean that you will miss out on a community. There are millions of people playing online bingo and the online provider promote the community to communicate. All the sites have chat rooms, even while a game is being played you will see members chatting away. It may be worth brushing up on your bingo lingo though, as there will be lots of fast conversations going on there.

So the reality is that the community online is actually larger than the community in your local bingo hall. The only difference is that you are bringing them into your living room. Just remember that there is nothing to stop you from joining your friends at the bingo hall too. Online bingo does not have to replace that, more compliment it. It means you can play bingo anytime you like and make new friends at the same time.

How can I play bingo on the go

Back in the day, when the internet was only achieved via a cumbersome desktop computer the experience of going online was very isolated. However, since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, you can access anything online from pretty much anywhere. All of the reputable online bingo sites now have a mobile app too.

So what does this mean? Well, you could play bingo anywhere you want – on your lunch break, on the bus, even on your holidays. If you have an internet connection you could get on your account and chat with your new friends and play bingo anytime you want.


So there is our Simple Guide for How to play bingo online. We hope that most of your questions or fears will have been answered here for you. If you have never played online bingo using real money before it can be daunting.  Just be comfortable that all of your details are safe as long as you stick to a reputable company. Remember that you can play anywhere and be part of a huge community – but all from the comfort of your own home. Or if you wish you can play anywhere anytime on a mobile device. But do check out the Welcome bonuses – it just makes sense to get a bonus if you can.


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