All weekend long you can play mobile slot games at Jackpot Joy. Double Bubble will be giving someone the chance to win either £50 or £100 cash. The money is to be given away in an upcoming prize draw.

Million Pound Drop Points

The Million Pound Drop is a popular game show that challenges players to answer questions correctly or else risk dropping £1 million into the bin. Jackpotjoy has an exciting promo game running this weekend (until midnight on Sunday) where someone could win a share of one million Joy Points. Wager £50 on The Million Pound Drop slot and be ready to enter. Once this has been done you will then get to pick a trap door to see how many points you will receive.

£30k Highland Games

It is that time of the year when strapping Scotsmen take to the highlands of Scotland to engage in a traditional contest that requires physicality. Jackpot Joy is marking the occasion by arranging a special online slots promotion entitled the Highland Games. The games will be commencing on Monday 17 June and will be held until Thursday 20 June.

Winning players will be rewarded by receiving a share of the guaranteed prize fund of £30,000, but that is easier said than done. You need to prove that you have what it takes to triumph over your fellow competitors from the site.

What you need to do is select whether you think the main character from the following slot games will win in the caber toss: Houdini, Jalapeno Races or Nuts & Bolts. To confirm your entry to the promotion, Jackpotjoy will call upon you to prove your support by wagering £50 on your choice of victor.

The reward for selecting the correct winner will be an equal share of the £20,000 prize fund. Jackpotjoy will divide the remaining £10,000 so that supporters of the other two contestants will each share £5,000.